Minerds Bell October Newsletter


Client Bulletin

from Andrew Harding – Practice Manager at Minerds Bell Consultancy Group


Hi and welcome to our October bulletin.

This month we continue the introductions to our planners and staff.

I’m Andrew (Drew) Harding. I’ve been with Minerds Bell for nearly 4 years and I’m the Practice Manager. I previously worked for Charter Financial Planning looking after a number of financial planning practices when I got to know Andrew Harris and, just prior to joining Minerds Bell, I ran my own business.

I have been involved with a lot of financial planning businesses and I joined Minerds Bell out of respect for the ethics and expertise of Andrew and the rest of the team and way they genuinely care about clients. They are very good at what they do.

My role is to provide the processes, systems, people and expertise to ensure we provide you with the advice and other services you need to keep on track and feeling comfortable and confident about your plans.

It’s big job, but we have a great team.

There are 2 things I wanted to mention this month:


Client Experience Survey

Every year we survey a group of clients about their experiences with us. We find it a really valuable way to gauge how you feel we are performing and areas we need to improve in.

The survey is being run in a few weeks’ time by the Beddoes Institute, a highly regarded independent client research group based in Sydney. They select the participants.

If you do get invited to participate I’d encourage you to complete the survey for us. It does take 10 – 15 minutes, but it will give us the feedback we need to get better at what we do for you.


Annual Advice Reviews

The review of your situation and the strategy we are using is the key to helping you get where you want to be, or making the most of what you have. There are 3 new things we are doing:

  • We are trialling some changes to the way we do reviews to make this process a bit more efficient for us both. Please give Andrew, Nat, Daran and Will any feedback you have.
  • We are now sending you an email if your review is due soon. Please feel free to use that as a prompt to give us a call and book in at a time that suits you.
  • Finally, if have a review due in November or December you might find we contact you a little sooner than usual so we can complete your review well before the Christmas break.



Please do contact me at the office if you have comments on how we can improve.

Lastly, as usual we’ve included some articles we hope you find of interest.



Andrew Harding

Practice Manager – Minerds Bell Consultancy Group


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