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Client Bulletin

from Andrew Harris principal of Minerds Bell Consultancy Group


Hi, welcome to our November update.

It’s hard to believe its November already! Daylight savings has started and the days are getting warmer and longer; and my lawn needs water!

The COVID restrictions seem to be easing, making travel easier for us all which is great news Perhaps it will be a “New” normal Christmas after all.

The Federal Budget was handed down last month and there weren’t really any surprises. The announcements were wide ranging and there are some aspects that will be relevant to your situation. We will ensure these are considered in your next scheduled review. We’ve attached an article for you that covers the main points.

This month I’d like to touch on an area you wouldn’t often hear me talk about. Insurance.

As you may be aware, part of our mission “Your future is our business” is to consider your whole situation, including the potential impact of various unforeseen events in our planning with you. Of course, this includes super and tax law, centrelink, investment markets and types of investments. It also includes what were to happen if you or your partner became critically ill, was injured or disabled, or indeed passed away.

Many hundreds of our clients have insurance that we look after for them. Sometimes they are not aware that a significant event that had occurred may in fact have been covered under their insurance.

Sometimes, we find out that an event has happened during our review discussions and it may have happened a while ago. In the last few months we have been able to win claims for clients totaling over $2.2m. In some of these cases, the events occurred 2 or 3 years ago and the client didn’t know they may have a claim.

My message for you and your loved ones is to be aware of the insurance you hold and what it covers. If you are unsure about the cover you do have, or you think you may have suffered an event that might be covered, please contact us to research this for you.

We have a great deal in in-house expertise in insurance claims and are happy to assist you.

I mentioned before that we have attached an article on the Budget. There is also one on “Top negotiating tips to cut your bills now”.

Please take care as the festive season approaches.

That’s all for now.


Andrew Harris

Principal – Minerds Bell Consultancy Group


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