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March Newsletter

From Andrew Harris

Welcome to our March e-newsletter and my first video message for the year.

Summer is officially over, although I suspect there is still some warm weather to come before autumn kicks in. The Super-loop 500 has come and gone and with it, our beloved Holden.


Before I give a summary of this month’s videos, a bit of team news:

  • We had a great team day out of the office a couple of Fridays ago. We spent the morning updating ourselves on changes and discussing ways we can continue to improve what we do for you. We finished the day doing an “Escape Room” exercise which was great fun.
  • We have finished refreshing our website with up to date photos and information about our services. I encourage you to check it out at minerdsbell.com.au.
  • Lastly on the team front, I am very proud of our planners who, based on your feedback from last years’ client survey, have again been awarded “Most Trusted Adviser” status by the independent researcher, the Beddoes Institute. This underlines our adviser’s expertise and the value they add to your financial journey through our relationship with you.


We have some good articles this month that are well worth a look:

  • The spread of Coronavirus – economic and investment market implications – From Dr. Shane Oliver, Chief Economist at AMP Capital.
  • Plan ahead to make sure your wishes are carried out – A good estate plan can also help if you are unable to make your own decisions.
  • Understanding investment risk and return – All assets carry risk. Generally, the higher the expected return, the higher the risk.
  • The Holden love affair is over: Holden’s timeline in Australia – From 1856 as a saddlery business to the General Motors announcement last month.


I hope you enjoy this month’s articles,

Bye for now,



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