May 2022 – Minerds Bell Newsletter

Client Bulletin

from Andrew Harris principal of Minerds Bell Consultancy Group

Hi, welcome to our May update.

April flashed by with a short break for Easter and the ANZAC weekend. School has returned and we are back into full swing. If you got away, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Global Events

Financial markets and the Australian economy continue to be influenced by:

  • The war in the Ukraine, which apart from the terrible human cost, is disrupting energy markets and causing uncertainty around the world order.
  • The Chinese Government’s persistent “zero tolerance” response to Covid 19 which is seeing cities of 25m people shut down for a single case which is causing further disruptions to global supply chains.
  • Rising inflation due to “post Covid” levels of demand for goods and services where supplies have been run down, which have caused interest rates to rise in the US and will do so here in Australia.

All these factors and their effect on financial markets are beyond our control.

What we can control is the strategy we have in place with your super and pension accounts which is primarily driven by Australian super, tax and Centrelink regulations. Nothing, other than the budget changes we recently let you know about has changed in this regard. We will continue to review these with you to ensure they remain appropriate.

On the investment front, we will continue to focus primarily on your strategic asset class allocation, considering tactical variations where we believe its warranted. Please be assured we are considering investment and economic research as we receive it to determine the best responses in relation to portfolios.

If you have queries or concerns, please do contact me, Nat, Daran, Will or Rob.

Changes to our Covid management plan

As you know, with the recent change in State Government, Covid “rules” have been relaxed, particularly for “close contacts”. Despite this, we have decided for now, to continue to ask staff to work from home if they become a “close contact”, just to be as sure as we can, that we keep each other safe. When you come into the office, we will ask you if you would like us to wear a mask.

That’s all for now.

Andrew Harris

Principal – Minerds Bell Consultancy Group


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