April Newsletter

From Andrew Harris

Welcome to our April e-newsletter. It was my first day working from home yesterday, so please excuse the lack of video.

Although we sent a special bulletin last Friday, it’s important to keep up our communications with you, especially this time.

For those that missed it, the bulletin contained 2 key messages: –

  1. How have changed the way we are operating to “our bit” to slow the spread of COVID-19 by having our staff work from home part-time; and to protect us all, we are now only conducting “remote” advice reviews using phone, video or other means, and
  2. Key items to remember when markets are extremely volatile. Sticking to your longer-term strategy and not reacting impulsively are very important.

Please feel free to review this message in our website “News” sections if you wish.

This month, we have:

  • The latest snapshot of the COVID-19 impact to date,
  • Information about “Telehealth”, a Government initiative to access bulk billed GP services from home via phone or video link,
  • As you may be at home, some tips on giving your garden a makeover, and finally
  • An article comparing this outbreak to previous ones such as SARS and MERS. We thought it was interesting. While some might think the current restrictions are onerous, they certainly seem necessary to protect us.

We will keep you updated on changes that may affect you in relations to financial markets or the business. As always, please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


We are here for you.


Kind Regards,



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