Ensuring your debts retire when you do!

Research shows that almost three out of every five people are concerned they won’t haven’t enough money in retirement due to the competing needs of saving for their own retirement, paying off any debt they have, and helping their kids.[1]

According to recent research[2], older working Australians aged 50 and above have handed out:

  • $31.6 billion to help their children with home deposits,
  • $55.9 billion for education and
  • $10 billion to help pay for weddings.

In addition, the 2015 “Housing decisions of Older Australians” report by the Productivity Commission indicates close to 20 per cent of Australians aged 60 and over have an outstanding mortgage on their home[3].

We would like to help

At Minerds Bell we take an “overall view” of your situation as you approach or enter retirement and look at your net financial position. We are doing an increasing amount of work helping our clients pay off their debt sooner and smarter so when they retire, so does their debt.

Part of our “extended family” here at Minerds Bell Consultancy Group, is MB Mortgage Solutions, headed by Rob Solly. Rob has made a 30-year career of helping people achieve their financial goals.


Rob is an Accredited Mortgage Broker and isn’t employed by a financial institution. He operates in the areas of personal, home and commercial lending and is very experienced in obtaining, refinancing or restructuring debt so it works better for you. He is also able to assist with your budgeting to help pay debt off sooner or increase your savings potential.

If any of these strike a chord with you, next time you come in for your review with me or one of the team, please do bring your credit card, personal loan or mortgage statement so we can chat about how Rob might be to help you, your children, or other family members and if appropriate, make a time to see Rob.

Of course, if you’d like to speak to Rob in the meantime, please feel free to contact him directly on 0422 314 313 or via email at rob.solly@mbmortgage.com.au

All the best,

Andrew Harris

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[3] Retiring with a Mortgage? – Stuart Thomas and Sarah King Sinclair – Placemaking Economics Group – RMIT University 27/10/2017


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